Stage Queensland is currently working with two student teams from the University of Queensland through UQ’s Community Engagement Program (CEP). The program provides Masters students with the opportunity to work on real life projects within the community sector.

Teams of five or six students work together to conduct research and offer fresh ideas for non-profit organisations over the course of a semester.

Stage Queensland’s two CEP projects are:

  • Supporting School Theatres: to identify the viability of Stage Queensland extending its membership to schools and to develop a membership strategy.
  • Morning Melodies – Audience Engagement Strategy: to research and develop a strategy to increase attendance by people aged in their 50s and 60s to “Morning Melodies” style of performances, without alienating existing audiences (people in their 70s and 80s).

The UQ student teams have conducted research on their topics, including surveying relevant theatres, and are in the process of providing their recommendations to Stage Queensland. We look forward to passing on their findings to Stage Queensland members.

The UQ CEP project is coordinated by the Student Employability Team within the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (BEL SET).


Image caption: The UQ CEP team working on the Supporting School Theatres Strategy project with Stage Queensland’s Suzan Williams and Liz Grimmett. L-R Back: Liz Grimmett,  Aleksander Aleksiev, Aswad Artani, Front: Keyuan Wang, Iris McMarson, Suzan Williams, Eva Gomez Marcos.