The majority of Stage Queensland members are responsible for professionally-managed venues within their communities that stretch the length and breadth of Queensland. In recent years, membership has expanded to include theatres in both secondary and tertiary educational settings and performing arts producers and industry bodies seeking broader engagement with Queensland presenters.

To service this diversity, Stage Queensland offers three classes of membership:



Affiliate (Corporate or Industry)

and a range of member services including:

  • Providing a forum for members to connect with peers for support and information exchange
  • A range of professional development activities including hosting three annual conferences (Management/Programming, Technical, Ticketing/Marketing)
  • Advocating on behalf of the collective membership to address issues and foster growth within the venue sector
  • Providing best-practise venue resources (administrative and production templates, policies, contracts etc.)
  • Linking with the industry to keep members informed (issues, regulations, technologies, initiatives and opportunities)
  • Promoting members’ facilities to the industry (including a profile on Stage Queensland’s web site)
  • Facilitating the delivery of performing arts product through Queensland
  • Conducting statistical / benchmarking research
  • Providing leadership and a unified voice for its members to ensure an effective and informed venue sector