Our “meet the members” series continues with Sarah Sullivan, Performance Centre & Facilities Manager at Flinders Performance Centre located at Matthew Flinders Anglican College, Buderim. Read on to find out more about Sarah and her role.

How long have you been at your venue?

I started here at the beginning of the school year in 2013.

How big is your team and venue?
We have a 600 seats venue and a permanent team of 2.  Myself, Performance Centre and Facilities Manager and my Technical Coordinator, Adam Knight. We have a casual Front of House and Bar Staff and an in house Catering and Functions Team.
Why did you choose a career in the performing arts venue sector?
Like so many others, I fell into it! I started my adult life as a mildly successful opera singer. When I went to finish my Masters’ at Queensland Conservatorium, I got a job as the Front of House Manager for the Conservatorium Theatre and associated venues.  From here, I moved into the Venue Manager role and then took on the Events Manager role as well, eventually becoming the Enterprise Services Manager.  I lived on the Sunshine Coast, so when this role came up in a new venue, I jumped at the chance!
What makes your local area special? 
The beaches, I guess…BUT the Sunshine Coast has a thriving amateur theatre scene, as well as an extremely well patronised junior dance world, so demand for theatre space is very much alive here!
What is your first performing arts memory?
Man of La Mancha with Geoffrey Chard as Don Quixote and Daryl Sommers as Sancho in Melbourne at the State Theatre when I was 11!
What was the last show you saw?
“Soiree 2017” here at Flinders Performance Centre. An informal concert of choir and strings with ‘in the park’ type seating with picnics and wine!
What do you do when you aren’t working?
Amateur theatre for the Caloundra Chorale and Theatre Company.
Flinders Performance Centre

Flinders Performance Centre