Townsville is ramping up for Dance Tropics 2018 – an outdoor large-scale participatory dance event produced by Dancenorth.

After a joyous event in 2017, Dance Tropics is back for another year to celebrate everything dance, music and food. The 2018 Dance Tropics will take place on Saturday 26th May from 5.00pm – 9.30pm and will see Dancenorth collaborating with 1RAR Band and Otto’s Fresh Food Market.

The event will include Dancenorth’s Open Class participants and community groups performing in a supported public realm alongside the professional Dancenorth ensemble. The event also encourages a participatory spirit, enabling the audience to engage in mass dance classes and group choreography.

For this year’s event, Dancenorth have launched a ‘Pay it forward’ campaign whereby local Townsville businesses have the opportunity to purchase tickets to gift to charities/organisations to donate to people less fortunate who may not have the ability to normally attend local events. Tickets will then be presented to local charities to distribute accordingly.

For further information and to purchase tickets visit Dancenorth’s events page here