The Moncrieff Entertainment Centre in Bundaberg recently hosted the spectacular Circa Crush as part of the annual Crush Festival held annually in October. A partnership between Brisbane-based contemporary circus company Circa and Bundaberg’s arts production company Creative Regions, Circa Crush was supported by Festivals Australia and the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation. Circa offered in-school programs and school holiday workshops throughout the year leading up to the auditioning of a local performance team.  This year Circa Zoo, Circa’s youth ensemble, joined the Bundaberg performance team to create a show based on the Southern Great Barrier Reef.  Fifty-six hours of training and choreography, a trip to Lady Musgrave Island and a huge effort from Trainers Bree Le Cornu and Pitisi Hatcher and the parents behind the scenes, and Creative Regions had a fantastic show that reflected the character of the Bundaberg region.  The program continues in 2017.

For further information contact Moncrieff Theatre.

Image credit: Paul Beutel Photography